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Master Lifts - Lifts and Elevators

Master Lifts specialises in lifts and elevators, home lifts, chair lifts & stair lifts, disabled access & platform lifts, service lifts, dumbwaiters, residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, commercial elevators, pool lifts and Spa Lifts.


Celebrating 20+ years in business, we are an Australian owned and operated business and have sold more than 11,000 lifts Australia wide.  We have a unique advantage whereby we manufacture lifts in Australia and import lifts from quality international suppliers, combining innovation, cutting edge design, quality and value for money.

We bring to you a comprehensive product range featuring lifts and
elevators for commercial, residential, lifestyle, disability & mobility
applications. We are your people movement specialists!

Home Lifts and Elevators

Our Home Lifts and Elevators feature a range of residential lifestyle lifts & elevators satisfying any architectural requirements as well as offering products
to suit any budget. 

Specifically positioned for the Australian market, we can incorporate a stylish and contemporary lift or elevator
in a modern existing home, or Home lift cont >>

Home Lifts and Elevators

View our Home Lift and Elevator range >>

Disabled Access Lifts and Elevators

Our Disabled Access Lifts and Elevators include Platform Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Pool Lifts and Spa Lifts to provide a wide range of disability solutions for commercial, residential & lifestyle requirements. 

Whether your need a lift for compliance for a commercial premises or project, you’re looking to improve the
mobility & access for a family Disablity Lifts cont >>

Disabled Access Lifts and Elevators

View our Disabled Access Lifts & Elevators range >>

Stair Lifts and Chair Lifts

Master Lifts specialise in offering the most
comprehensive range of Stair Lifts and Chair Lifts from the most simplest of straight stair lift case installation,
to multi-level internal & eternal curved stair lift & chair lift projects. 

We work closely with our customers at the point of
demonstration and quoting to ensure Chair Lifts cont >>

Stair Lifts,stairlift,stair lift,Chair Lifts

View our Stair Lifts & Chair Elevators range >>

Service Lifts or Dumbwaiters

Master Lifts host an amazing range of Service Lifts and Dumb waiters.  With dumbwaiters and service lift products to suit a range of applications and load limits
we are well equipped to offer solutions for any business, home or industry. 

Designed to suit all areas for Retail, Pharmacies, Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals, Offices and Warehouses and 

Service Lifts or Dumbwaiters

even Residential Homes Service Lifts or Dumb waiters >>

View our Service Lifts / Dumbwaiters range >>

Lifts for Commercial Applications

Master Lifts offer a quality range of lifts for commercial applications. 

We can provide lift & access solutions, wheel chair lifts, passenger lifts, service lifts and dumbwaiters to suit a variety of applications, including:  commercial premises & public access buildings, warehouses & offices ,
restaurants & hotels, hospitals Commercial Lift cont >>

Lifts for Commercial Applications

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Lift and Elevator Modernisation

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