About Us

About Master Lifts

At Master Lifts, we recently celebrated our 12,000 lift sale and installation and we are committed to the success of any project. We want you to know you are engaging an Australian owned company with over 20 years’ experience, manufacturing expertise and excellent service and technical competencies Australia wide.

The Master Lifts teams have many years of experience in all facets of the lift industry and can assist in developing a solution for your needs.

We combine quality production & local manufacturing, as well as importing lifts and technology from leading international suppliers. In addition we are able to extend the benefits of shorter lead times to our customers which is vitally important when considering the needs and scheduling for your project.

Master Lifts can offer you distinct advantages by linking innovation, lift industry expertise, cutting edge design, quality and value for money to bring you the best solution every time.

A further advantage to you, our valued customer, is that all sales personnel, technicians, installers and service people are either employees of Master Lifts Group Pty Ltd or specifically selected for their skills, experience and expertise. So you can rest assured we offer you the most comprehensive and personalised service throughout the duration of your project.

Master Lifts has installed lifts in most parts of Australia from Broome to Hobart from Perth to Cairns and many places in between. Where ever your location there is likely to be a Master Lifts office nearby if not one of our local contractors will take care of your needs.

Master Lifts have offices in: