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Disabled Access Lifts & Elevators

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Master Lifts are proud to be able to provide such an extensive range of disabled access solutions for commercial, residential & lifestyle requirements.  Whether your need a lift for compliance for a commercial premises or project, you’re looking to improve the mobility & access for a family member in their home, or seeking to improve access for your customers to your business, Master Lifts can cater for a range of practical, convenient and compliant Platform Lifts, Wheel Chair Lifts, Pool Lifts and Spa Lifts.


Furthermore, Master Lifts are continuously improving and adding to the available products that we can offer.  There are ever-changing requirements and through Master Lifts expert sales team, we can consult with you to ensure you get the solution you need:

Master Lifts have offered successful disabled access products to churches, schools, shopping centres, sports & recreational facilities, private residences, public buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, aged care centres, retirement villages, restaurant and hotels, function centres and so many more.  In our 20+ years of operation we are so pleased to have assisted so many people with suitable lift & access solutions and outcomes.

Liberty BCA Lift

The Liberty BCA offers you the ultimate in Part 16 compliance for any public building requiring a disabled access lift.

Featuring modern technology and offering the full spectrum of compliance including BCA E3.6, the Liberty BCA is perfect for your next project.


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Platform Lift (Eurostar BCA)

Our Eurostar BCA Platform Lift is a blessing when seeking to design and construct a building with ultimate compliance and improved disabled access.  With a long list of features and simple operation, this platform lift should be on your list.

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Inclined Platform Lift

The Inclined Platform Lift is suitable for any public access building as well as private homes making it a versatile lift and a popular choice for so many applications and custom built to suit each site specifically.

Inclined Platform Lift

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Master Lifts’ Staircruiser is the understated product of our disabled access range. The product encompasses strong design features and can be recommended for a range of access needs in public buildings, private homes and for any lifestyle requirements.

Staircruiser [W13]

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Contessa 2000 BCA Lift

The Master Lifts Contessa 2000 BCA brings to you an economical vertical passenger lifts that can be installed in an existing building or office complex or can be retro-fitted to existing buildings or structures. If you are looking to improve access to your business or building and need to comply to strict building codes, then the Contessa BCA 2000 is a reliable lift solution and has been a favourite of builders and architects for many years.

Contessa 2000 [V31]

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Pool & Spa Lifts

Master Lifts provide a wide range of Pool Lifts and Spa Lifts. From simple in-home installations to high-end aquatic and recreational facilities, we have the complete range to suit any requirements for disabled access and improved access.

Pool 180 small1

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