Straight / Curved Lifts

Curved Stair Lifts

Our stair elevator range for curved stairs can accommodate any staircase no matter how simple or intricate they may be. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to determine the most suitable stair lift product at the time of demonstration and provide you with all the options available.

The Minivator 2000 (External)

The revolutionary Minivator 2000 with its twin rail system is now available in a fully external model.

Fully designed for the weather and external elements, this unit is zinc plated and powder coated, and all switches and electrical components are full isolated and protected against any weather intrusion.

The Minivator 2000 is loaded with features and cater for any type of curved stairs cases with landings and spirals. Suitable for either side of your stairs, this stair lift virtually means there is no stair case we cannot provide a solution for.

The Minivator 2000 (Internal)

The revolutionary Minivator 2000 internal model can ride smoothly up any stair case incorporating bends, half landings and spirals and does it with ease on the amazing twin rail system.

Offering supreme stability, it can be fitted to either side of the stair case and the auto swivel seat takes your feet well onto the landing and from the staircase.

Exceptionally safe, packed with a number of options and features, the Minivator 2000 will transform your staircase.


Swivelling Your Seat

When you arrive at the top of a staircase your seat should be turned to face the landing by using the swivel lever or control.

The Minivator 1000 and 2000 also have manual swivel levers located on both sides of the seat: these can be operated by pulling them up or pushing them down. The seat is moved around by pressing against the footplate whilst turning in the desired direction.

Stairlifts with Hinge Tracks

Sometimes the layout of a hallway means that the track must be positioned in front of a doorway thereby causing an obstruction.

This is overcome by using a hinge track, the track can be folded upwards when the lift is not in use leaving access to the door.

The Minivator 1000 and 2000 can also be installed with a manual hinge track. They operate in a similar way but the seated lift is sent to its park position by using a special button on the remote control. When the hinge is lowered the seated lift is called down using the remote control.

If the user finds it difficult to bend installing a powered hinge track removes the need to bend because the hinge is raised and lowered from a button on the remote control. This option is available on Minivator 1000 and 2000 seated lift.

Push button powered raising and lowering of the footrest makes folding the unit up even easier for users who may have trouble bending.

Powered swivel seat.

Powered or manual hinged rails to avoid blocking doorways.


Operating your Minivator

All Minivator lifts are protected by a key switch, this means you can isolate your lift against unauthorised use. For example if the lift is only to be used in the presence of a career the key can be removed and the lift becomes inoperable.

Once switched on, driving the lift is simple. Minivator worked with Occupational Therapists to design a system that is easy to use, even for users suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis. The resulting unique toggle switch is just held in the direction of travel for the duration of the journey.

It is a requirement of Australian Standards that a lift must have continuous pressure on the operating control to drive it. If the user does release the control during travel then re-applying pressure after a few seconds will start the lift in motion once more. The toggle requires minimal pressure to operate. The toggle can be placed on the left or right arm of the lift: if required the toggle can be re-handed.

All Minivator Stairlifts are supplied with two hand held remote controls. These can be used by a carer to operate the stairlift for the user or to send the stairlift to park at the other end of the track to maximise the space in the hallway.

The remote controls can also be used in multi-user environments when a user on one level wishes to call the lift that has been left on the other level.

Both remotes are supplied with wall mounted holders so that they can always be kept in the same place when not in use.