Residential Lifts

The Eco Hydro

Replaced by Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift – End Of July 2018

Master Lifts exhibits its commitment to environmentally friendly products with the Eco Hydro continuing to be a much sought after option. Being suitable for a range of home installations the Eco Hydro runs on recycled water with a 240volt pump and offers the lowest power requirements of any Australian electronically powered lift.

The Eco Hydro combines modern hydraulic lift technology and engineering excellence. Having most of the features of an oil hydraulic lift, at around 50% of the running cost, this lift is truly one of the most cost effective means of travelling up to 3.0m in a 2-Level home. It’s whisper quiet and exceptionally well priced, making it one of the truly affordable home lift options.

The Eco Hydro comes in its own aluminium lift shaft, eliminating costly set-up constructions costs with masonry lift well requirements. If site conditions require it, the lift can be disassembled and re-assembled on site. The lift is fully automatic making it easy for all to use with no constant pressure or hold to run buttons. This lift is designed to give you “peace of mind” with minimal servicing requirements and a long lifetime!

Even in the event of power failure the emergency battery backup will allow you to lower the lift and exit safely. The passenger car has a carrying capacity of 250 kg and is a generous 900 mm x 1300 mm making it large enough for up to three people or a person in a wheelchair and a companion.

The Eco Hydro lift will fit almost any home as it only requires a footprint area of 1335mm (w) x 1490mm (D) and a set down of 80mm. It can be installed externally to the house as well, making it quite unique.

No separate machine requirements exist for the Eco Hydro, just a small space for a control cabinet. So, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to get up and down stairs or would like to enjoy the convenience and freedom of having a lift in your home, the Eco Hydro Lift is a great option!


  • Passenger car
  • 250kg carrying capacity.
  • Maximum of 2 car entrances. Either front only or one front and one rear.
  • Car dimensions – 900mm wide x 1300mm deep.
  • Recessed down lights that also operate as emergency lights.
  • Emergency telephone.
  • Stainless steel hand rail.
  • Stainless steel control panel with high quality elevator buttons having a keyed on/off switch, stop button, emergency alarm button and push button for each landing.
  • Special imported laminate car paneling.



Technical Specifications (Ultima Gearless)
No of people3 people standing or wheelchair and attendant
Max Stops2
Max. Speed0.10m/s (approximately)
Max. Travel3m
Power Requirements240V Single Phase 20Amp
Pit Depth80mm
Head Room2300mm minimum
Cabin Height2020mm
Door TypeHinged Swing Door
Door Size850mm Clear Opening
Compliance CodeAS1735 Part 17